Other Services



1. Speed in implementation:

We have the best and fastest tools for instant execution through

- Implementation through the electronic trading website https://www.tycoonegypt.com

- Implementation through telephone

- Implementation through the electronic application of the mobile

- Execution via the instantaneous price screen


2- Ease of financial transactions:

The company makes it easier for you to withdraw and deposit without the need to attend the company's headquarters by the availability of more than 10 bank accounts; you can transfer through the electronic trading website


3- customer Services

Tycoon is keen on the process of training and continuous development of the customer service department, which represents our image in front of you dear customer by providing services to answer your inquiries and requests via telephone and social networking channels and through the program of instant messaging Watsap or Viper and interested in providing this service 24 hours a day.


4- Buying via marginal system:

Tycoon has a margin purchase license - we offer you double capital purchase with a flexible and secured system; you will receive it at no extra charge and with the same commission ordinary trading.


5- Trading:

Continual and permanent developing is one of our most important goals, Tycoon obtained the latest version of the electronic trading sites in Egypt and we obtained the license of the decision number "1005", which is in line with the decisions of the Financial Supervisory Authority in terms of Efficiency and insurance - also available on the site many advantages have been provided to you Dear trader, the most important of which:

 The site is open 24 / 7 to place your orders and the possibility of modification or cancellation and follow-up position of your current portfolio - and through any device connected to the Internet and from anywhere in the world without interruption.

 The site contains conditional order services and smart orders (such as cancel order - if done) and this service will follow up your trades when you are busy or traveling.

 You can trade (T + 0 / T + 1) from the site immediately and the automatic reservation without having to contact your account manager or company.

 You can follow up on your portfolio (cash-stocks) updated momentarily according to market prices.

 Also through the models available on the site you can fully control your position from (transfer your money to your bank account - subscriptions - booking and dismantling shares - portfolio transfer ....

 You can view your statement from any date you place; you can view your invoices in detail.

 There is a screen of the prices of Tycoon intra-site - and there is a manager of operations, which calculates the value of your invoice before implementation.


6-Short messages:

By the end of your trading every day we send a text message on your mobile phone with the changes that have been made to your account for free.


7. Additional free services:

 Open account and contract with us within 5 minutes for free.

 Stocking with us is fast and free.

 Collection of coupons on your shares for free.

 Subscriptions: we implement without any administrative expenses.


8- Research reports:

The company's research team prepares daily reports on a daily basis whether it is technical analysis, financial analysis or news reports, and is sent to you by the customer via various means (such as the company's website, our registered e-mail, whatsap)


9- What sap service:

This service is followed up by a team of specialists, where recommendations are sent expressing the technical vision of the most important stocks during the session follow-up. We also respond quickly to your inquiries regarding stock analysis, either technically, financially or expertly. We follow you 24hours /7days a week with the latest news of the stock market and the important economy upgrades that affect your investment decision.


10. Commissions:

We care about providing the service first to you in its distinctive form. However, we have taken care to provide the lowest commission in the Egyptian market to provide the equation of satisfaction of the customer which is to provide the best and fastest services at the lowest possible costs - We will provide you the lowest commission in Egypt only up to a half a thousand.


11. Free training workshops:

We offer our clients free online training and learning workshops on electronic trading and the fundamentals of technical and financial analysis through the company's headquarters or online at frequent intervals every year.