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We are proud of your confidence in us and choosing us as a partner in your investment journey in the Egyptian stock market. We are proud of this confidence and pledge to you as a work team that we will do our utmost to enhance this confidence and make you proud to cooperate with us.


••Here are 3 ways you can figure out how to contract with us for free:


1. Contracting from your home or work: Dear investor... All you have to do is contact us on 01022983220 or contact us via instant messaging programs such as Watsapp or Viber 24 hours a week or even during public holidays; or you can fill out the form shown - we will coordinate With you and send one of our representatives to contract with you quickly and freely wherever you are inside Egypt.


2. Online contracting: Enjoy online contracting. All you have to do is load, print and sign the contracts on the page next to the "x" and obtain a valid bank signature and send them by mail.


3. Contracting at the company's headquarters: through this choice you are welcome to visit us at the company's headquarters and in less than 10 minutes we will have completed the task of contracting free of charge only we need the valid national ID card.