We are doing our best to be your first choice in Security Trading in stock exchanges, by working to establish the principles of business and money from ethical values and behavior by dealing with:


1- Honesty

Honesty is the primary value of Tycoon Securities Trading Company to work with our clients. We make sure to provide our information or analysis in a carefully studied manner and give honest advice that is primarily aiming to the benefit of our client and to have our honest and not misleading advertising materials.


2- Integrity

The most important thing in the money market, for securities trading companies is "good reputation." through dealing with integrity and trust of customers; we always fulfill our obligations with our customers and respect our agreements with them. We only promise what we can fulfill.


3- Fairness in dealing

We give a high priority to the principle of fairness "justice" in dealing. We provide the service in full and distinguished form to all our customers without distinction starting from the largest institution to the smallest size of portfolio that we deal with. Our success came only through honest competition with other companies, service providers or colleagues. , And we are against unfair use by any person through manipulation or unfair or illegal practices.


4- Confidentiality.

We seek as a team of managers, employees, or any responsible official within the Tycoon Securities Trading Company for the confidentiality of our clients' information or service providers in full; and to use the most advanced systems to control the process of transferring confidential and sensitive information upgrading these systems periodically


5- Responsibility

Tycoon Securities Trade Co. is fully responsible towards its clients, the controlling supervisory entities and services provider for providing financial services in an effective, sophisticated and innovative manner. We also provide a fast, convenient and reliable trading environment with a competitive price and high quality.


6- Efficiency

We always encourage our team to think about development and reward them for this. This is in order to create a sophisticated, fast and highly efficient trading system mainly aiming to securing an appropriate work environment for you dear investor


7- Our vision

• Aiming to make the trading of securities on the Egyptian stock exchange an easy tool that is accessible for all. We seek to be the first choice for every person who intends to invest in the stock exchanges, whatever his age, his language, and his volume of investment or position. We seek to create a generation of young people who are aware and able to manage his ambitious investment; Providing all the products and tools that will create a comfortable and unique working environment that meets all the needs of our customers, and expand our customer base to be the largest in the region, also by exerting the best effort, care and we are keen to strengthen the relationship with them and continue together as success partners.