customer testimonials

Since the year 2000, I invest in the stock exchange market, I dealt a lot with brokerage firms and found that there is no better than y Tycoon Company: excellent customer service - a wonderful site - instant recommendations - frankly, everything you need to earn you can meet in Tycoon.

Mr. Yasser Hassan SayedPersonal Affairs Specialist

I dealt with many companies and actually did not find better than the giant Tycoon, very honestly there are those who solve any difficulties, I have a sincere greetings for all of them, the staff of Tycoon.

Mr. Ehab Abdul HamidEducational expert

Your company receives a very little commission and in turn provides excellent customer service. However, the process of buying and selling through the website electronically allows the customer to follow the movement of buying and selling his own shares himself , but it is easy to deposit and withdraw that never enforce the customer to go to the company to proceed depositing as what is applied in so many other companies.

Mrs. Safa Abdel MoneimBachelor of Commerce